by Cyrus Nuval I had the delight of interviewing one of Poictesme’s favorite photographers, Nicholas Scarpinato, a 19-year-old VCU student. The interview took place in Nicholas’ apartment; he had just gotten back from a shoot, and apologized for the mess in his bedroom. The rug had been pulled to the side where he had a set put up in a corner. Dozens of cameras perched around. Mason jars, photographs, sculptures and sketches covered every available surface. Heaps of laundry laid wildly on bins. A cracked…Continue Reading “Featured Artist: Nicholas Scarpinato”

by Elly Call This is a picture of a hat and The Gospel of Mark 10:13-31 on a sign. He had a conversational beard, Sashaying out from the cowboy hat brim. I wanted to talk to that beard. It shared my feelings, Reaching for me and everyone from the Lower Lip Ledge in a Friendly tangle. He had come out of Texas. He had been walking since years ago. He made his hat out of toe-head hair roots. He had never washed his hands, they…Continue Reading “The Richmond Transients: Texas Beard Man”