by Carla Dominguez During my monthly bookshelf dusting, I found a book that I didn’t remember buying. It was a biography of J.M. Barrie, something I probably picked up years ago and promised to read later. I pulled it out to read the back cover thinking, “Who is this?” and was surprised to be reminded that Barrie is the creator of Peter Pan or The Boy Who Couldn’t Grow Up. I remember being effectively freaked out by the original Peter Pan story as a child, and being much…Continue Reading “Notes on Peter Pan and J.M. Barrie”

by Christopher Sloce I used to have something that resembled a swamp in my front yard. I spent a lot of time in there pretending to be Roland from The Dark Tower, had a cap gun and everything. I also used to pretend to be Swamp Thing, who appealed to me as a more dynamic kind of hero; he’s powerful but ugly, something I felt acquainted with as a middle school kid. The first run of Swamp Thing made no bones about what it was: it was…Continue Reading “The Saga of Alan Moore’s “Swamp Thing””

by Christopher Sloce Whatever nostalgia taps into, it is something primal. Nobody I know is immune to suffering its effects, even the hardened among us who revisited some cultural artifact, only to learn our tastes didn’t match up with what we now find moving or funny. And fear and horror are nothing if not primal. There is something instantly recognizable in the cel-shaded early animation style that taps into that same feeling, which Al Columbia realized somewhere along the line. Al Columbia’s early artwork are…Continue Reading “Notes on Al Columbia”