In celebration of Black History Month, we are publishing an archived interview with Christina Hairston from February, 2016. Images by Christina Hairston Christina Hairston is an artist, activist, and senior student in VCUarts. Around campus she is known for being a trendsetter and being actively involved in her community. Her striking ensembles and significant, consistent presence make her instantly identifiable. She is a founder of Black Art Student Empowerment and is also an organizer of the BlackVCUSpeaks movement. In 2017 she received the Black History in the…Continue Reading “Formation: An Interview with Christina Hairston”

images by Shannon Wright, source Shannon Wright is an outspoken activist, storyteller, comics artist, and illustrator who is also currently a graduating senior at VCU in the Communication Arts Department.  Her work has appeared in The Guardian, Bitch Magazine, The Response, Hopes&Fears, and Today’s Christian Woman.  Though she spends most of her time making viewers and readers cry and hug their loved ones with the emotional force of her work, she took a break to talk with me about her early influences,   Elly Call:…Continue Reading “Flavor: An Interview with Shannon Wright”

work by Malcolm Peacock featured photo by Maxwell Runko object photos by Christian Gregory Malcolm Peacock, a senior in the VCU Painting and Printmaking department, uses his work to create a space for discourse about the experiences of black citizens in response to contemporary events. I met with Malcolm to discuss his art, his experiences, and his perspective on issues that black individuals and artists are facing currently. MEGAN GOLDFARB: Your work is, in my opinion, a poignant reflection on black identity. Could you talk about your…Continue Reading “Fearless: An Interview with Malcolm Peacock”

Words by Stephanie Trujillo When I introduced myself to Vito Acconci, I was in disbelief that I was finally meeting the famous multimedia artist and architect I had studied about in my contemporary art history courses. Acconci was surprised that I was more interested in his Body Art rather than the architectural works he had just discussed. His response however caught me off guard. Cautiously but sincerely, he said, “I don’t want to make art anymore. Art is just for museums.” Perplexed, I pointed out…Continue Reading “Vito Acconci on Beauty, Harmony, and Functionality”

Math, Science, and Nervous Art: An Interview with Ryan Schultz

Interview by Carla Dominguez When I first met Ryan Schultz in person, I felt confused. I had seen their art gain a lot of attention on tumblr, and I was all too familiar with the smugness that can accompany someone any smidge of internet fame. In front of me was a dapperly-dressed person who took my hand gracefully and with a smile that made me feel ashamed for having assumed the “smug artist” stereotype in the first place. Not everyone will get that air of haughtiness…Continue Reading “Math, Science, and Nervous Art: An Interview with Ryan Schultz”