After an Art Degree


interview by Cyrus Nuval

art by Eleanor Doughty

What happens to art students when they graduate? The art major, something that many people forget can be broken up into many categories, is often seen as a very expensive dead end. It seems as though only those with business and scientific degrees hold the path to life success, and those that graduate from art school are doomed to work in fast food restaurants. Poictesme reached out to one of our favorite artists, Eleanor Doughty, to catch up with her life as an illustrator.

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by Cyrus Nuval Photography by Zoe Dehmer I had the privilege of interviewing one of Poictesme’s notable writers, Richard DiCicco. Richard is a senior majoring in art history and minoring in creative writing at VCU. For Poictesme’s chapbook, Cobblestone(s), Richard wrote “Magnum Opus,” a bleak and somber psychological short suspense story set in the late sixties. Despite his fondness for the gloomy and eerie, Richard was very cheerful and lighthearted during our talk. More of Richard’s work can be found on his blog.  When and why…Continue Reading “Featured Writer: Richard DiCicco”

by Amelia Heymann When I first thought about an Anarchist-run event, certain images came to my mind. One was a group of teenagers pushing over trashcans while shouting “Fuck the system!” Another, a group of angry punk kids ranting about how the man is keeping them down, as some obscure band screams in the background.  What I actually saw when I attended an Anarchist gathering was a group of adults sipping on craft brewed beer while discussing how to run the world without a government…Continue Reading “Inside Liberate RVA’s Anarchy Garden”

by Cyrus Nuval I had the delight of interviewing one of Poictesme’s favorite photographers, Nicholas Scarpinato, a 19-year-old VCU student. The interview took place in Nicholas’ apartment; he had just gotten back from a shoot, and apologized for the mess in his bedroom. The rug had been pulled to the side where he had a set put up in a corner. Dozens of cameras perched around. Mason jars, photographs, sculptures and sketches covered every available surface. Heaps of laundry laid wildly on bins. A cracked…Continue Reading “Featured Artist: Nicholas Scarpinato”