by Amelia Heymann When I first thought about an Anarchist-run event, certain images came to my mind. One was a group of teenagers pushing over trashcans while shouting “Fuck the system!” Another, a group of angry punk kids ranting about how the man is keeping them down, as some obscure band screams in the background.  What I actually saw when I attended an Anarchist gathering was a group of adults sipping on craft brewed beer while discussing how to run the world without a government…Continue Reading “Inside Liberate RVA’s Anarchy Garden”

by Elly Call Origins aside, Some might have said Her mother Dedicated Her to some archaic deity, With requests for beauty or fertility or wealth. The deity had granted a nimbus of hair, luminous through the car exhaust. When He bent down to Her, it was an aggressive kiss introduction, And She pleaded at His face with Her wet paper hands. They didn’t work, So She conjured with sharp bone fists. She had a sinuous back. He held her wrists. There was the stop-go road…Continue Reading “The Richmond Transients: Belvidere Witch Woman”

by Maya Chesley No stars wink at me from miles away; no squid-shaped clouds swim across the horizon. Even the moon has nodded off behind the silhouettes of gaunt willows. The Richmond sky, from my spot on the sand, looks flatter than a piece of black construction paper and just as dull. I breathe in. The James opens up and spits out a sour cold that floats over the water, over to where I lay. I lay—on top of a boy. All young and glasses-wearing….Continue Reading “The Pipes Call Again (The Distance): Richmond Wanderings”

by Elly Call This is a picture of a hat and The Gospel of Mark 10:13-31 on a sign. He had a conversational beard, Sashaying out from the cowboy hat brim. I wanted to talk to that beard. It shared my feelings, Reaching for me and everyone from the Lower Lip Ledge in a Friendly tangle. He had come out of Texas. He had been walking since years ago. He made his hat out of toe-head hair roots. He had never washed his hands, they…Continue Reading “The Richmond Transients: Texas Beard Man”