We’re excited to announce that Poictesme is now accepting submissions for our upcoming 2015-2016 journal! VCU has lots of talented artists and writers, and we want your artwork, prose, and poetry, so that it can be featured in our next anthology. You can submit as many pieces as you want, and we’ll look at each individually. We’ve had great past journals filled with great student work, and we hope that this year is no different. So send your work to pwatem@gmail.com and see our submissions page for more details.

Rabble is Still Accepting Submissions

Poictesme’s chapbook companion Rabble is still accepting submissions until our new and official deadline of September 10th. Please submit poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction pieces to pwatem@gmail.com. Our theme for this year’s chapbook is Noise.   Noise (n) : a loud or unpleasant sound : a sound that someone or something makes : unwanted electronic signals that harm the quality of something (such as a radio or television broadcast or a digital photograph) : irrelevant or meaningless data or output occurring along with desired information   All work which pertains to this themed will…Continue Reading “Rabble is Still Accepting Submissions”

creative nonfiction by Mashalla Mukadam I don’t mean to go to bed at 8:30 in the evening. I lay down in my queen-sized bed with my one-year-old son, in hopes he will fall asleep quickly, so that I can come back into the living room with you. Sometimes, I find myself falling asleep with him, waking up in the morning barely remembering getting in to bed. Sleep is a powerful thing and shown very valuable for raising a child. When I tell you I’ll come back,…Continue Reading “Sleeping At Night”

Math, Science, and Nervous Art: An Interview with Ryan Schultz

Interview by Carla Dominguez When I first met Ryan Schultz in person, I felt confused. I had seen their art gain a lot of attention on tumblr, and I was all too familiar with the smugness that can accompany someone any smidge of internet fame. In front of me was a dapperly-dressed person who took my hand gracefully and with a smile that made me feel ashamed for having assumed the “smug artist” stereotype in the first place. Not everyone will get that air of haughtiness…Continue Reading “Math, Science, and Nervous Art: An Interview with Ryan Schultz”

Hopes, Dreams, and Stock Images With Kieth Pfeiffer

Interview by Elly Call Keith Pfeiffer is a junior in the VCUarts Communication Arts Program.  A talented illustrator, his work is featured in the Spring 2015 issue of Poictesme.  We managed to snag him in between his classes and his wanderings around Richmond to talk a little bit more about his art.  In a small park situated behind the VCUarts Honors studio Keith explained his work processes, his take on the VCU arts scene, and importance of vegetables. Poictesme: You’ve really hit your stride creatively and turning…Continue Reading “Hopes, Dreams, and Stock Images With Kieth Pfeiffer”

Submit to Rabble

Our summer session will be starting soon and we need your art and writing to fill up our chapbook. This year’s theme is:   Noise 1. a loud or unpleasant sound 2. a sound that someone or something makes 3.  unwanted electronic signals that harm the quality of something (such as a radio or television broadcast or a digital photograph) 4. irrelevant or meaningless data or output occurring along with desired information   All work submitted for consideration for this project should be, in some way, an interpretation of this…Continue Reading “Submit to Rabble”

By this time next week Poictesme will showcasing the wonderful writing and art of VCU students in our Spring 2015 journal. This issue features the work of many talented writers and artists: illustration by Keith Pfeiffer, Anthony Sudol and Skye Young; photography by Weston Clark and Alex Matzke; poetry by Jamal Stone and Jessie Kraemer; and prose by Brennan Chambre and Nicole Maria Willis. Enjoy the sneak peek of some of the featured works below! Want to see it person? Come to our release event at the Depot…Continue Reading “Spring 2015 Issue Preview”